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PC Game The Heist

Free download game PC The Heist-OK buddy this time for a free download games  for PC or Laptop,now you can have time this is a free game that tells the destruction of a life in urban areas who are accustomed to the level of high crime such as robbery,murder,rape and many more crimes will be passed on in the game.The Heist Full Payda for PC that you can play through the computer and Laptop.Ok buddy lets us consider a little article on the game The Heist.

As we know,living in big cities the average life and the crime rate is very high risk,life assurance uncertain economic will trigger a wide range of crimes,it is all especially for the lower levels but for the middle class and above provide a life like heaven,luxurious completely available.Likewise with this game,the lives of Amirica citizens feel threatened by the actions of the mob were emboldened to commit crimes openly.How exciting this game?Ok my friends you can install the game application and be prepared for a shooting game,which is ready to test your guts.

 System Requirement Game Payda The Heist:
-os :windows 7:vista:and xp
-processor P4 3 Ghzor Athlon FX 53 core 2 duo 
-Hard Drive 3,33 GB
-Video card NVIDIA 260 or ATT 4850
Free Download Game The Heist