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New Download Game Transformers Devastation

Free download game Transformers Devastation-Ok buddy for this moment we will share an adventure game and battle The Transformers of the Robots from another planet,and each of the robot group has two different mission and purpose.In this game there are two characters played by the robot,Autobots one of a group whose mission and to save the earth while the decepticon robot group aims to destroy life in the earth.

Game adventure some robots that to save the earth from a destroy character.Transformers which is played by robots from another planet,the earth under circumstance very dangerous because several robots from another planet will rule the earth and destroy all human life and you are the one who will help to save the earth with the help of some robot.They are Autobots has returned to the past year in 1982.Decepticon named Starscream is the candidat who will rule the earth in the future.

Ok buddy your mision this time is to help Optimus Prime in saving the earth,and do not miss the game.This one game Transformers Devastation download it and follow participated in the battle robot what to resist the decepticon robots that will destroy the earth.