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Free Download War Game Incinerate

Download Free War Games incinerate - Ages future has been revealed in this spectacular game . In about 2074 , there was an unexpected thing , ie a fall of celestial bodies called asteroids on the red planet ( Mars ) that is located not far to the earth . Although not till destroy the planet Mars , but the object is to leave a large crater made ​​of earth scientists should investigate further . Because it affects the communication breaking research on Mars .

Clouds and steam from falling asteroids that envelop all regions of the planet Mars . To that end , sending the forces of the earth to see the real situation and what is happening there . Apparently, hundreds of aliens were to land on Mars guerrilla . They prepare various kinds of weapons and make combat forces for control of the planets , and the planets they seek is the planet Earth . This is where you are tasked to destroy their plans in order to avoid chaos on earth . Overcome little by little their region and do not let their plans to conquer the earth be successful .