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Game Simulasi Mobil Bajaj Jakarta Bambo

Bajaj Jakarta Bambo
Simulation Game of public transport such as buses , trucks , trains were already commonplace . But what about the typical one of Indonesia 's transport ? Bajaj . Definitely a rare and exceptional one , especially simulation games bajaj operating in the capital city of Jakarta . If the people of Jakarta or who have been living in Jakarta certainly well aware of the streets to be traversed is the Bajaj .

Bajaj became one of the hereditary freight from our ancestors . So we should be proud of ourselves to preserve it so that transit is the hallmark of Indonesia is not consumed by a more advanced age . With the existence of this game will remind us that the ancient vehicle had been a silent witness how Indonesian people thrive .

Bajaj Jakarta Bambo will teach you to negotiate the price with the passengers . Unique once right? Prices are usually set in a few gaming simulator , we instead were given the freedom to bargain . When driving Bajai have to be careful because there are - there are obstacles that arise as the chickens running loose because of the cage .