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Game Underwater Adventure Subsea Relic

Subsea Relic
Subsea Relic adventure will remind us of the natural beauty of the sea . The sea is still clear and there is no looting or destruction of fish in it . This adventure does not intend to fish or damage the ecosystem , but the search of ancient relics treasures stored and buried at the bottom of a very deep ocean . The most valuable treasures are reliefs which have high historical value .

Diamonds and gems scattered everywhere because so many . Although many , not to be wasted because the remains will add points . Panoramic sea at this very intriguing game , so it does not get enough to keep going back to play Subsea Relic . Some hazards also increase the sensation of thrill in search of treasures peniggalan .

Air-filled tubes suggests how long you do the dive . The longer the air will be depleted , and when at the red line , the diver 's life is in danger . Therefore, search also objects to add to the air in the tube , so that the time may increase slightly longer dives