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Simulation of Aircraft Flight Gear

simulasi pesawat
Flight Gear will make you understand how a plane could be flown . Aircraft simulation is suitable for you who like an airplane , not a plane temput / war . The purpose of this game is to train pilots who often require simulation . By doing so , aircraft piloting skills be honed because of this simulator .

Prudence and patience is the key so that the aircraft can fly perfectly . Studying a map of where you fly also be a thing to watch . Or if you are an expert in coding or programming , map existing on Flight Gear game can be changed as you wish , such as a map of Indonesia. The names of famous aircraft in Idnonesia also be included in this game . So , as if we were in the air flying the plane Indonesian Indonesian .

We will take off or airborne , aircraft speed must be fit , not too slow . Because if it is too slow will be difficult to fly aircraft . Vice versa , when the plane will be landing / touch down , speed is too high will make the crunch might even plane exploded .