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Racing Simulation Game Speed ​​Dreams

game simulasi balap
Free download game Speed Dreams-A few ago I 've shared the bus driver simulation game that simulated how to run a bus with some passengers in it . Most games simulation simulation games made ​​for slow , another example is the simulation of aircraft , truck simulation , and so on . But now there is a racing simulation games , namely the Speed ​​Dreams . Very different to the previous games , because in addition to control the steering , you must push your speed .

When the car will be seen playing an opponent and clear the track so that it can make you feel how the atmosphere racing in a car . There is one interesting thing of Speed ​​Dreams , he has a team in the Open Source community , so most likely to be developed into a more interesting game , especially in the graphics image . Although this time the graphics is pretty good because it was in the form of 3D .

There are about 21 tracks for track racing arena , so you will not get bored playing it . Even the number of the car was not half- hearted , at least 28 sports car . For steering control you can use the keyboard or joystick . Please select which if convenient for you .