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Game Adventure Stranded 2 PC

This game is actually in the category of strategy games ,but in it tell about the adventures of a person's life struggle in an unknown island .At first she was a passenger on a ship ,then had an accident that resulted in him stranded on an island that seems uninhabited .That's where you as a player are required to live independently with very minimal supplies .

Still very lucky because there are some foods and medicines that remains of the ship had been carrying , which certainly will not be enough to live in a few days . This is where the adventure begins . The initial step is to build a shelter, by finding some building materials such as wood , stone , and iron .

Expertise in hunting in the forest is also very necessary , because it helps the animals survive the attack . Not only animals , some carnivorous plants can also be very wild , because it can feed on humans . Read the instructions that are already available . If you already understand the essence, surely you will be proficient in playing it