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Yu Gi Oh Power of Chaos Yugi The Destiny

Game PC Yu Gi Oh power of chaos is a strategy game that relies on a wide variety of tactics and foresight. As I've shown in the screen every first Sunday, Yu Gi Oh is a duel master cards that have a wide variety of monsters that each have different strengths and abilities. However, the monsters in this game is not out of the cards like the one in the movie. It's just the type and capabilities of the card game is exactly the same as what is owned by Yugi. Dark Magician card, for example, Strength attacked worth 2500 and 2100 as its defense owned by Yugi once and be his trump card, because usually these cards are often issued in the last moments of the duel.

Yu Gi Oh Power of Chaos Yugi The DestinyYu Gi Oh Power of Chaos background made ​​as if they were in the era of ancient Egypt. With such a background and music are quite stressful when accompanying the game, making the game very impressed as doing the actual duel. We will direct duel with Yugi, and continues. Each managed to win the game, we'll get a new card or even the same card that we can use at any time. For the little details I will explain later.

Yu Gi Oh Power of Chaos consists of two dueling mode, ie single duel and duel match. The difference, if single duel, you will only fight once, if it wins it will get a card. If the match duel, there will be three fights, but if it wins the game twice already declared finished and will get three types of cards at once. To that end, the duel match is often used if you want to speed up to get new cards. And before the play, which determines who will start the first is who won rock paper scissors. After that we are free to play with whatever tactics interchangeably.

Tutorial games Yu Gi Oh Power of Chaos: Actually in this game has been shown directly how to play correctly, but here would I love a bit of tactics to win in every fight. While playing the first time, try not to directly attack, use a card with the greatest defense to survive or closed mode (how to make a survival mode with a right click, left-click to make an attack mode). Definitely will directly attack the enemy you card with the survival mode. If you have a trap card (a card that has a special ability that it is located in the back row) then just place. Especially if you have a hole trap card, this card would be activated if there is a new enemy cards in pairs and can instantly destroy us. If it can be used to destroy the trap hole cards with great power, like Dark Magician, Summon Skull, Curse of Dragon, and so on.

Tutorial Game Play Yu Gi Oh Power of Chaos: If the card is its ability to be an open enemy under our cards, then keep attacking until there are no its defense. However, it should alert the enemy possessed trap cards. And the need to keep watch anyway, because the enemy has Reigiki card, the card is lightning that can destroy all cards your opponent is in the front row. My advice, use large cards like Dark Magician, Summon Skull, Blue Ice White Dragon, and so on to play in the late game, because if directly released at the beginning of the game, the card is almost certainly going to die because a lot of the cards trap is issued at the beginning of the game. For the beginning of the game using only the cards that have a strong defense.

Yu Gi Oh Power of Chaos Yugi The Desity you can download it here. To be able to play this game perhatinkan how to open it. There are so many who want to play the game but do not know how to membuakanya. And keep in mind, too, that every computer game setting different ways, so pay close attention to how to open it yes.

1. extract the file that you downloaded. input the password "eddcool"

2. extract files yugi enter the password again ""

3. just copy the files to the program.

4. direct play.