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PC Game Download Plants VS Zombies

Download game plants vs zombies is one game that was released by PopCap. And I'm sure all of them would know what games like this. If you are not sure do not ever play the game. From the name of the game is already discovered that this game fight between the plants against the zombies. Come to think of weird I guess, cook plants against zombies, what to do? This is great the creator of this game, something that was unthinkable at all but can be realized in a game that is unique, challenging, tense, but funny. Arguably funny because the characters displayed in the game plants vs zombies all weird and funny. On the other hand, although it looks funny, but it can make players tense.

plants vs zombiesDownload game plants vs zombies This has been a long time since I played . Remembering again , then I try to post here . Perhaps there are friends who have never played or is still looking for the download link . Plants vs zombies game at least four game modes that we can play it all . However , if it is your first time playing, then the only mode that can be played adventure mode alone . If it is at a certain level , then another mode will automatically open by itself . Because each mode the way the game is slightly different , I will review one by one how to game .

Adventure mode . In general , in this mode the game is actually running . We as the alias crop plants and enemies are zombies . We were told to keep a house by house owners of zombie attacks coming through the home page . If zombies that managed to enter the house , then we lose . The trick , we planted the page wide variety of plants, especially plants that can shoot or destroy the zombies passing . To be able to plant it , we need the sun , either direct sun falls from the sky , or the sun produced by sunflower plants . For that , we must have at least 5 sunflower plants so that we can add other plants that can attack the zombies . Each of us managed to defeat the zombies and proceed to the next step , we 'll get a new plant species that have different strengths . So keep continue the adventure mode to complete.

Mode mini - games . This mode will open once we made ​​it past a certain stage in adventure mode . We will be notified if we 've passed that stage , and mini - games mode open by itself . In the mini games we remain as the plants , but the kind of game is very diverse . There are zombies that can shoot like plants , there is bowling , portals , invisible zombies , zombies run fast , small zombies , and many other species . Clearly , in this mode a lot of type of games weird and different from adventure mode .

Puzzle mode . In this mode , there are broadly two types of games . That is hitting the jug in which there are the zombies and plants , and the second is we who become zombie whose job it past the plants and eating brains . In the game hit a pitcher , we do not know what the contents of the jug , when hit the plant out , then put the plant to kill the zombies , if when it hit the zombies out so be prepared to cope with the zombies . In a game when we as a zombie , the zombie will be some options that we can use . For that, choose a proper zombie in order to pass through the plants . There are 5 brain to be successful eaten , if inventory runs out zombies , and there still has not been edible brain , then you will lose .

Survival mode . You will fight the zombies with continuous , meaning that after you win the zombies will show up again until the 10th flag . However , for most late survival , there will be no end of the game . If you win , there will be a zombie again and so on without end. I myself have won a hundred more but the game still goes on even in a fraudulent manner any of the zombies is endless , cool is not it ? This is where you can actually see how far you got . Is it just up to the flag - 10 , or two tens , or four tens , or even hundreds . Actually there are more modes sau Garden , you can collect a variety of plants that would have been great if you can sell to earn money .

Download plants vs zombies game was remarkable . It used to be a lot of students who play . This game regardless of age or gender . Small children , adults , men , women , everybody loved it . Now you try it live . Try the following link to download it .