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Download Game Crysis 3

Still on around the game,this time to back we will share a war game that is very exciting.The game were told about an incident in the future,in this place you will find a building that is located in a mountainous area in the Lingshan Islands,region Filipina.And it turns out that building is a building of alien from another place,they work that has long been buried deep in the ground.You as Jake dunn which is one of the soldiers who participated in this action.

The team armed force are equipped with some hi -teck weapons.And Nano suit is one weapon against the outside space.Nano suit creature has two main modes of the first is the cloak mode which allows you to move undetected enemy and armor mode make you more resistant than attacks enemy.In this game your team will against the forces of south korea,soldier and aliens marcenary remaining on earth,this is a thrilling game with more dangerous.The battle mission against an enemy armed and sophisticated,derived from some areas and heavier again you will be dealing with extraterrestrial beings creatures that do not have a sense of compassion.Download game and get involved in the battle,disable your enemies!