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Download Game PC/Laptop Red Alert 2

Game Red Alert 2 it was initiated by the United State Armed Forces,who have been caught and completely off guard by the Soviet invansion of large,from the United State.With Soviet aircraft,naval vessels,amphibious forces,and the troops coming from both the East Coast and the west Coast and with the majority of Soviet ground forces entering through Mexico,which recently as the communist goverment.

United States tried to retaliate with the use of nuclear missiles,but Yuri the Soviet leader Psychic corps and top adviser to premier Romanov,using control his mind to manipulate the personil charged with launching warheads and make them explode in the beams of light to dazzle their eyes,and in a few hours,the United States is overrun by the Red Army troops.US president Michael Dugan formed an emergency response team led by general carville and commander known as "The Ghost"nickname for Soviet soldiers in this game.

Game Red Alert 2 is contains two playable factions.The Soviet and the Allies were both previously appeared in command & conquer:Red Alert.A single player campaign arranged in alternate mode and ended up as opposed to a progressive game story mode.The Allies determine that regime change will cause mass unrest in the Soviet Union,and in order to get good support and stability in the region.The victorious Allies name Alexander Romanov,a distant relative of Czar Nicholas II,as a puppet of the Soviet premier.

Romanov acquisces to the demands of the Allies at first,even though he built the Soviet military for Defense Purposes a cover for purpose of US invansion.Psychic Beacon has mastered the mind of president and general carville and several other key officials in the city,which surrendered to the Soviet.However,the strike team were sent to the town and destroy the psychic Beacon in the face of attacts by mind controlled civilians,freeing key officials of Soviet mind control and allow them to be saved.Nonetheless,Washington DC still remain in Sovit hands,forceng the us goverment and military to relocate themselves to Canada to avoid the threat of mind control Soviet.Ok pal download and get the full version of this game!