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Download Game Mysteries of the Undead

The story this game will be share for you buddy,ok buddy lets get to play!There is new adventure game ,this one will definitely make the heart beat with fast.A long  story in your adventures you are alone in an attempt to destroy a virus that is strange and yet at the medicines.All food found contaminated with the virus and you are the only hope to save the island.

There is been a terrible disaster on a remote island called Odeya,a virus that very harmful affects everyone and they become a monster that always bloodthirsty,tourists and even the whole population has been infected with a strange virus.All the people who have been infected with the virus will be suck human blood is still alive,a disaster is very tense and horrible.

And in the island you are one of those who have visited the island,the virus has spread and attact all people.And currenty only you a living among these monster.Ok buddy this game is very horrible and stressful,where you will fight the corps terse but you are alone.Ok buddy let's get to fight by download game Mysteries of the Undead.