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Game PSX Digimon Rumble Arena

I'm sure many of my friends have to know what the game is. Games that fall into category 1 and the fighting genre ps / duel was inspired from a Japanese anime films are very popular at that time. Some of the children from the real world who elected each having a monster shipment of the digital world, as the name suggests "digimon" stands for digital monsters. Together they entered the digital world to crush the evil digimon character who wants to dominate and destroy the digital world. In the version of digimon tamers, some monsters that have been entered into the real world and the children were selected with digimonnya trying to eradicate in order not to make mischief in the earth.

digimon rumble arena
Download game psx digimon rumble arena, character displayed is a combination of several versions of the digimon movie, which is like Agumon digimon monsters in the film was first released, which is a monster Renamon on digimon tamers movie, and so forth. In this game, each monster can do the evolution or change of state to form the most perfect. Although the original film they could do some form of evolution to about three to five forms of change. There are about 24 characters that we can play, but only 9 characters played the game open early start, others will be open if it can accomplish the mission or use a password immediately if it does not want to stay long.

digimon rumble arena
 digimon rumble arena

Download game psx digimon rumble arena exe format so do not be put on the emulator or install it on a pc, because digimon rumble arena adalag portable gaming. But even so, do not forget to put the file d3dx9_26.dll first in your system32. The trick, download the file di sini then paste in local disk C / windows / system 32. If you have not put in that folder, then there will usually be a warning when opening the game that in the end game can not be played. The warning like this:

Download game psx digimon rumble arena turned out to be one of the most popular games at indowebster, while we know that the game digimon rumble arena game classified as very old school. I myself have played it around 2002 or 2003 first. Probably because there are many who like to reminisce the old school games reappear happens rival games nowadays are very classy and high-priced. Once again, to play games digimon rumble arena psx additional files need to be placed in the system32 (windows) as I described above. However, for those who are used to playing games with the emulator, I will share the download link as well. Just select it.

Link Download Digimon Rumble Arena (Exe format - Instant Play)
Link Download Digimon Rumble Arena (ISO format - Use Emulators)

Characters that can be opened using a password is Omnimon (combination of Wargreymon and Metal Garurumon), Wargreymon, Megagargomon, Sakuyamon, Imperialdramon and Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. If others have to complete the mission in order to open all. To enter the password, select options - input a password - enter some code below: