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Download Games Hunter X Hunter Greed Island

Download Hunter X Hunter  Greed Island . Actually I am confused about reviewing this game . I've downloaded and tried to play earlier , but confused how the game . The language use Jepun language anyway so kagak understand . Judging from the size of the file that is tolerable , I think this is a good game . Remember the hunter x hunter greed island OVAs right? Gon and Kilua adventure together to find and play video games are known and extremely dangerous because the game was made ​​with " nen " . Name the video game is a green island . many of the professional hunter who entered the game in the video but a lot of them are not able to return . And if Gon can finish the game , then he will get a clue where his father was , because his father was one of the hunter is able to finish the game .

Hunter X Hunter Greed Island OVA is a continuation of the previous version . After successfully immobilize the head Gand Kurapika Eriodan , Gon , Kilua , Kurapika and Leorio hide so as not to find the enemy . By doing so , they are no longer dealing with members of the spider . Gon march began to re-discover the game in order to get a clue where his father was . In this series , Gon and Kilua began to deepen Nen powers that have been taught by a teacher in the game . Here's Screen Hunter X Hunter Greed Shotn Island .

Download Hunter X Hunter Greed Island