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Download Games Fighting Force 2 Iso

Download Fighting Force 2 ps1 game. This game ditokohi by 4 players and each has its own skill. Who have great bodies that I usually wear, because once menggentakkan legs, all the enemies directly on the die. But it also must be careful because our friends can also hit. You can Depriving a gun, stick, or bazookas belong to the enemy and it certainly will save energy. Can also pick up items around like a drum that will be thrown to the enemy, and it will accelerate the death of an enemy of the disposable hand hit empty. Fighting force classified the adventure game / adventure, we had to pass through step by step to reach the main enemy, eradicate the gangsters who loads. I myself have not been able to reach the top, because the higher stagenya increasingly difficult enemies. If you are big balls, try this game. How far your ability to fight.