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New Game Codex The Warrior - Shield Ver

Codex The Warrior is a game that is full of action and role-playing game for NVIDIA SHIELD.Against terrible enemies,you will advance through the levels of the dangerous dungeon.Find some weapons and get great strength to aide you in your search this time.There some kinds of weapons and armor to make them become more strength.You will enhance the exceptional skills to upgrade and user his in the battle.

Game powering visually stunning and responsive combat that is supported by impressive graphical capabilities of NVIDIA SHIELD.In ancient times larger Guard Codex,here the source of supreme power,betrayed by a man named Tiraz,he was also a guard.Tiraz trying to take the power of codex to himself,but the others managed to send it to the human world in the hope of hiding it.

Tiraz followed by codex to our world and  the lust for power,it took a considerable impact various untold destruction.And you are the last of Bargardians,one of the soldiers who feel the negative impact on the causes of the act Tiraz.Its up to you how to find the codex and stop actions that would destroy the world Tiraz more destruction.Go get some attractive features of free games to download and play this game immediately.