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Kamen Rider Kuuga (ISO format)

Kamen Rider Kuuga is a living legend knights in days of yore. After destroy all monsters on earth, the Kamen Rider Kuuga forever rest in a coffin. Never seen anything like this in the dream of a young Japanese who are also interested in the knight's armor. Kuuga existence of a mystery and want to be further explored by modern archaeologists archaeologists, especially to find a belt ridernya that a major source of strength Kuuga. On the other hand, monster monster once roamed ancient times, is now back again to destroy us and look for the hidden power of Kuuga. Excavations were carried out by archaeologists turned out to fruition and find belts rider who has long sought. The monsters did not stay silent, ignoring the escort of police, the monster continues to grab the belt Kamen Rider Kuuga.

Japanese youth who initially only to see the excavation area, he became co interfere in rescue prehistoric objects ever seen in his dream. Without hesitation he immediately put on his waist and unwittingly begins to change form when fighting against mustard. Quite a bit surprised to see the change in his form, because in his dreams he saw that the rider Kuuga is red but this color instead of white. Having long been a rider, his strength gradually increases with the number of monsters he must defeat. Changes in the form of clothes that he wore also continue to occur. Ranging from red, blue, green, purple, black, to become the ultimate fashion Kuuga. It is a playstation 1 game, please use the emulator to play it. The download link is below.