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Game Tekken 3 For PC ISO

Download Game PS 1Download Games Tekken 3 PS 1 - The fight is one on one duel so horrendous youth first . Almost all young children who often play games to know about this game Tekken 3 . Tekken also dipiblikasikan in a 3 -dimensional animated film . And I think,Tekken has become one of the pioneers of developing games genre duel games or fighting games.As the development of the entertainment world,especially gaming,a lot of games now that are styled like Tekken.The characters that appear are a mix of some creatures,such as humans , animals , monsters , humans be invented,and others.Some of the character that is often used example is Gon ,he was a kind kid tiny dinosaur.Because kemungilannya that he is very difficult to attack. The high is only about knee his opponent,Gon attack using little legs and a long tail .

Creature so invented the heavies is King .His body was a whole human body , but its head in the form of a leopard and have a tail behind it .Such characters are usually owned by a larger power .However , it still has some weakness on the part terntentu .Another character Yoshimitsu ,one sword user bizarre creatures . How to wear a sword fighting and weapons as well as a patron .Interestingly ,after several attacks , he can heal himself . However ,although he had the power of self penyembuhn like it does not mean he can not be defeated ,even ketia he heals himself that he is easy to be attacked .And there are so many other characters that have character adna know .

Download Game PS 1
Tekken 3
Tekken 3