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Guess Words Bookworm Adventures Portable

Download game Guess Words Bookworm-Bookworm is a word guessing game that is very useful .Not just a game,but it can provide important lessons,especially in English,because this game uses the English vocabulary.Presented with a unique animation that learning becomes fun.Maybe this is called playing while learning .Well suited for your child .Play Bookworm will broaden your vocabulary which might initially we do not know yet .

Animation is presented is the cute bespectacled worm against a wide variety of enemies with a variety of strengths .Attacks carried out alternately . When you can make a word with the letters provided, and you will give an attack to the opponent . The more letters made ​​in one word , the more lives are diminished enemies . For that , think first to make a long word .

Each letter also different values​​,depending on the degree of difficulty.For example the letter A with the letter X ,of the letter X is higher because it is more difficult to be made into a word.Its value is divided into 3 , with a small circle marked gold,silver,and bronze.Sometimes some letters appear a light colored,if it is used then it will issue a considerable effect,whether it adds to attack power,giving a poison,and so on.