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Download Mission Game: Skies of War

Skies of War
Let's get on a plane owned by the government world war! Skies of War is a game which is quite impressive for everyone who dreams of being a pilot air force military. Would you fly with them? Then join the mission trip! War for the Skies are driving a turbo jet aircraft of World War II, and even helicopters. The fact is quite impressive is that in each of these iron birds have different systems to avoid the attack. That's what you will see later in this game.

The fact is very surprising adventure and tension and can tighten your nerves. You are required to carry out different tasks, such as persist in your position and destroy your enemy. Sometimes act in ways that required cunning, do not just use the skill. For example, plowing the airport because the plane needs fuel, and it needs to landing. In this game you aim to catch bridgeheads, paralyzing the enemy, disrupt echelon in space and doing other things.

Full access is given to you in the use of weapons, such as machine guns and nuclear boom. Army Strong-strong opponent and diverse: steel tanks, the usual weapon, the chase aircraft, helicopters until the steel rail. Be the pilots pride world governments, think strategy carefully. Only one word you want to be heard by the boss, "win". previous game: bookworm adventure.