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Game Onet Pokemon

Onet Pokemon
Free download game gratis Onet Pokemon-This game is very good for you,Onet Pokemon is a kind of puzzle game by connecting between one image with another image the exact same.The images were randomized in such a way and kind is very much,so it's rather difficult to find pictures of her twin.The rule,when selecting images the same,should not be more than three steps or may not make more than two right angles.Will be formed connecting lines.If a picture that can be connected to create 2 angle or less,meaning the image can be matched .
Images contained in this Onet is cute monsters from Pokemon animated film.Who likes Pokemon must be familiar with the pictures.Among them was pikachu , chokepi,Charmeleon ,butterfly ,nyasu,and many other monster - monster.Now download for this game then follow the steps below to play.Download also previous games. .

1 . Once downloaded , the file contained therein MSVBVM50.rar,Onet ,exe,and read me
2 . First extract the file first MSVBVM50.rar
3 . There will be 2 files ( MSVBVM50.dll and MSVBVM50.INF )
4 . The second was the last copy and paste files to Local Disk C/windows/system32
5 . click Onet.exe
6 . Enjoy the game