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Download Game Catur 3D War Chess 3D

Game catur download This is not like a game of chess as usual . If it sticks commonly shaped like chess that's it . If there knight horse -shaped snout , if the fort shaped like a fat hammer , it bored . If that is, the chess -shaped royal soldiers that protect the queen . While the enemies are the soldiers of magic , led by the king of darkness , and the pawn - pionnya are skeleton bones resurrected from the grave . Not only looks cool , the effect of attacks will also be found here . Each one had a strange attack . For example, only a pawn , they have a sword to stab an enemy that will be eaten . Forts , wearing a shield and a sword , with a blade of direct enemy destroyed . Launcher or a minister , he is a hunter who was called to escort the queen , shooting his arrow never misses , he was attacked with a ranged attack wears bow . Horses which direction the course is similar to the letter L is pegasus horse that has wings , he takes the enemy to strike them . Then sternya wear white magic flow .

game catur, war chess 3DGame catur download It's called War Chess 3D. His enemies wearing black magic. Fortifications just creepy all, he is human Golem stone, sometimes he attacks by throwing a large stone in the direction of the target. Ministers resembles a kind of ghost jinn or evil. Pion-pionnya, troops armed with swords skull. Sternya is stooped old man with a magic wand that can shoot from distance. And the most frightening is the king, if he attacks his opponent, he wears Summoning magic, the caller moves giant snake emerging from the ground and swallow then brought back to the ground. If one party loses, there will be a giant black wind dark torpedo ready to kill the loser, so there is no residual bit in the arena unless the party who won the chess match. If you look at it like a chess game like Hary Potter movie aja. At that time Ron became the hero because he's a great chess player.

game catur, war chess 3D

War Chess 3D lacks the creepy music, making the game more exciting. You can set the level of difficulty, ranging from the easiest to the most difficult. Place arena battle is not only one, but you can choose a lot of places that you want. Actually there are many types of chess game that can be played on a PC computer, there are simple games like the house, there is a war-based 3-dimensional chess like this.

Game catur download War Chess 3D would you download is equipped with keygen is made to assist in installing. Tutorial how to use it already exists in the folder later. So pay careful attention to the steps that must be done when doing the installation. If false, this game can not run. This is a game my collection aslah long I uploaded. Yesterday I tried again and was still able to run. Please download, will be heading to, click the "Skip Ad" or "Skip" in the upper right corner. After up to ziddu, click the download button directly. If you have idm, get faster the download, if you do not have too tetep can. Please play the game and kill the evil witches.