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Download Games Super Shot Soccer

Games Super Shot Soccer football lately seems not to know already . When I was first smp nggemari awful lot this game . Even a rival winning eleven at the time. For those who like ps1 already know Super Shot Soccer , a football game that consists of team - team world ( Indonesia is not included , hehe ) compete for the championship . Uniquely ... and great ... skills they have extraordinary great . If you ever watch the movie kung fu shaolin soccer or soccer , or if in a cartoon no Tsubasa captai , then this is the game that may be similar to the films . Super Shot Soccer is a football game with super powers that each state has its own characteristic . Not only on tehni shot , but survived techniques , techniques in the race and keep the ball also featured on this exciting game . Just as in football in general , the time , place , and audience as well as games such as soccer winning eleven and PES . Despite the great powers , the players will not be injured if exposed to attack , usually because they are exposed to sliding injuries tikle usual . So no matter if attacked with a continuous tactics .

permainan games sepak bolafootball games Super Shot Soccer consists of countries that follow the FIFA championship . For example, Japan , one of the parts of the East Asian countries that always follow the world cup . He has the strength to withstand hurricane winds , wind whirlwind that can make the player invisible, and the captain can perform a dragon kick . Saudi Arabia , as the country is a hot desert country so he will also have the power of hot sand that can make opposing players so faint a few moments . United States , the iconic statue of liberty liberty also be a signature jutsu to steal the ball from the opponent quickly . French , Eifelnya tower can be used to remove power to the opponent unconscious . China , the magnitude of the wall can withstand all kicks launched opponents , both regular and kick kick kick that uses force like a dragon . However, moves that often can find the net there are only a few. For example, the Japanese dragon kick and Brazil , header deadly German-owned South Africa , and several other countries that have the stance , curling the state-owned Cameroon , Mexico's lightning kick , throw super can only be done by Paraguay goalkeeper , and a few other tricks can not mention them all .

permainan games sepak bolapermainan games sepak bola
The game of football games Super Shot Soccer has graphics similar to winning eleven on playstation 1. I do not know if there is a super shot soccer version for PS 2. Sound effects accompany the moment when the match-jurusnya out was very good indeed, as if the great add-jurusnya stance. This game ISO format, because basically this is the kind of game and it took PSX emulator to play it. Please visit this page to get and know how to use them. With it you can set whether to use a keyboard or a joystick to play. My advice if you want to use a joystick just to play ball. You see, the ball game is very complex, it's rather difficult when using the keyboard. If I myself have often played ball with the keyboard, so it is common, and often beat my friends who use the joystick.