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Download Game Cooking Dash

Cooking games Cooking Dash . It is also one of the cooking games that require you to think fast and precise . Unlike the game Kitchen Brigade which has some helper chefs . In this game you are going to do everything myself only 2 chefs on cooking dash game . Flo and her grandmother are two actors who act . So , in addition to cooking and preparing food , you also have to serve customers who are already seated waiting for the food he ordered . It's really inconvenient , for that you have to be quick and on target in each serving the customers who come into your restaurant . Do not get the wrong food , then even customers are not satisfied with the service . Restaurant table you do not wear a seat as the resotan - resotan elite , but the seat is a stylish restaurant you side by side with the elongated bench . There is a lot of equipment that must be mastered by Flo and her grandmother . There was a stove , frying pan , until the ice cream machine , and workstations for the grandmother to make sandwiches and other dishes . When customers sit down , there will be a bubble in his mind that he wanted to describe the food that message . Satisfied customers whether or not the game will look at it later , even if it is too long , will go in and not be bought at your restaurant .