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Game Harvest Moon Back To Nature Full Download

Harvest Moon Back To Nature-Back with a strategy game that can sharpen our brains by playing Harvest Moon. This game tells the story of a boy named Jack who has a garden but the situation is very irregular and chaotic. He just got a little money to rebuild his plantation. With very little capital that, Jack must grow crops. Some plants that are planted should be watered continuously, for gardening supplies also continue to be upgraded so that the results are harvested and the sooner the better. Little by little Jack planting, harvesting, buying new goods, and so on until he has a very vast gardens with abundant results.
The flow of the game or the original story is as follows : Jack had a grandfather who was always busy with his farm up until the jack had not got the attention of his grandfather . Therefore , he could go out and arbitrarily cobbled street alone , there he found a small child and later became his close friend . When the summer is finished , Jack went to town and promised that one day she will definitely go back and see the girl who became his close friend . Time has passed , his grandfather died and estates bestowed on Jack who had grown rather big . The mayor of the small town has also decided to establish that the plantation land can be taken over by Jack completely . Knowledge is very minimal , making a mess of his grandfather heritage gardens . And that's when he was given three years to make it back lush gardens as grandparents and small town residents expect .

The first task that you will do is get up in the morning at 6 . With the help of the mayor, you are invited to look around with a look and sophisticated tools . The device contents ax , sickle , watering plants , and hoes . you 'll be met with a woman named Elli know . There will be someone who is willing to buy the results of your garden , his name is Zack . Every five in the afternoon , he will meet you and sell what what can be sold , such as plantation crops , livestock , and goods that you have from the mountain . Yes it wrote the review , just download the game directly .