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Game Naruto Shippuden Mugen The New Era

Free Download Game Naruto Shippuden Mugen The New Era Ok buddy for this time now we will post about Naruto game.The most popular game about last time ago.This is the short story,Naruto struggles to become a Hokage and recognized by all ninja in the village of Konoha ,the state fire continues.With the new sharpening jurusnya stance,such as practicing sage mode and conquer the kyubi chakra,Naruto has become stronger and grow into a shinobi respected by all residents , even to the attention of neighboring countries . Following the emergence of new enemies , all across the country Formatting ninja alliance and joined to fight the enemy . This is because that the new enemy is very powerful and a threat to all countries,especially the Leaf .At first he was known as one of the first hokage era shinobi legends and rival , Uchiha Madara , but lately it is known that he turns one associates Kakashi , Uchiha Obito . If his friends mengkikuti Naruto storyline certainly very familiar at all with this story . Even my last post of this game , Naruto and Sasuke with ninja alliance from across the country are fighting against the Obito that has become Jubi Jinchuriki ( Biju tail ten ) .

Game Naruto
Game Naruto Shippuden Mugen The New Era consists of two files are separated to facilitate the uploading process. Because uploaded in indowebster (IDWS), would be very easy to download. After you download the two files is that each one measuring about 206 MB and 500 MB, just combine it with using the application hjspit. This application has two main functions, namely to split files into several parts and merge files that were previously shared earlier. Well, I assume you already know how to combine them. If you do not understand or have not had the HJSplit application, please search first on google with keywords "combine files with HJSplit". I think so first this post, may be useful.

Mugen The New Era
Mugen The New Era