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Alien Stars Download Game for PC

Free Download Game Alien Star Full Version For Computer -Ok buddy now you can play action game and shooter.Once again This is a videogame shoot tells the people of the future are afraid that they will be the biggest enemy alien race.All scientific,military and industrial achievement intended to fight the aliens.Aggressive man captures much of the world in blood thirsty desire to have the whole universe.It's easy to grab a peaceful planet and destroy the race refused to obey orders new man to man faces one that does not depend on the development of their technology.The race is not to negotiate and more aggressive than mankind.People never talk to them,and do not know where they came from.All of what is known about the merciless enemy of mankind is that all the races in the universe gave him the same name is Insectus.According Alien Stars,they rely on a large number of them,do not have well-developed technology,very fast and deadly and perfect at the time struggling against a large number of enemy forces.So the headquarters of the Earth had a good idea to establish a new military department. Which is unique units trained.The soldiers get the best training,the best equipment has space and is able to fend for themselves against a large number Insectus.Your part in Alien Stars is one of the fighters.You always receive a mission impossible to complete.Rumors about the luck and the ability to act as quickly Insectus scattered in all areas of human.And now you have a new order that seems impossible to achieve.Results from this mission can end this war.Leave the fear and anxiety out of your ship and show the real ruler of the universe in Alien Stars.

Free Download Game Computer Alien Stars have features as follows:
  • Absolutely FREE
  • 12 high stakes and missions addictive
  • weapons and bonuses
  • interesting gameplay
Ok buddy lets get to play Game Alien Stars
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Tested in Windows XP