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Bus Driver (Bus Simulator)

Gaming Bus Driver (Bus Simulator) I think this is very beneficial for the four-wheeler riders, especially buses. Not just as a regular game, but the game bus driver, you will gain additional skills in the four-wheel drive. This game can we call the term bus simulator. Actually there is also a vehicle simulator games for other vehicles, such as trucks simulator, aircraft, and trains. For now we focus on the first bus simulator wrote. His name is also a simulator, the game is designed for training or simulation of driving a bus similar to the original bus driving, Starting from the point of view of the game, highways, signs traffic signs, raising or lowering passengers, and so forth.

Game Bus Driver
The standpoint of the actual driver can be arranged as you wish, but most good angle to be improving driving skills is the viewpoint in the driver steering table. For that, you should be able to estimate how wide and how broad sense of the way that you are driving a bus so that any driving you do not get off track or crashing into other vehicles. Of course this is very difficult angle to those who have been driving the car itself. While driving, also must pay attention to traffic signs signs were there. If you break the rules, it will be exposed to a speeding ticket by reducing the points owned. Crashing into other vehicles will also be reduced points. In essence, all the things that violate traffic laws will be suspended. So, it is true if the game is going to improve our simulator to hone skills in driving.

Game Bus Driver
Game Bus Driver

If the goal is to deliver truck simulator / deliver the goods , while the goal is to serve the bus passengers . When approaching the bus stop , then get ready to take passengers or vice versa . At the time of the yellow color indicates stop , then it means you are required to stop and pick up passengers . Caution in driving is a top priority , even if you want to change lanes , you must turn on the turn signal on the bus as the original . If this is not done , it will be affected also by the reduced penalty points . Of course these points are not much reduced when compared to violate signs with running red lights . And there are many things to consider and watch out for when playing , so expertise in driving the bus will be growing .

Download game bus driver | For trajectory and type of bus is usually adjusted to the original . But because the game is made ​​overseas does not necessarily correspond to those in Indonesia. However , there are some people who deliberately make a crack for Indonesian buses , such as Rosalia Indah , Handoyo , Archipelago , Zentrum , Giri Beautiful , Pahala Kencana , and much more . Even tracknya track was made ​​similar to the way in Indonesia , especially in Jakarta . Gee wrote it more cool . If you can play this simulator with existing pathways in the Indonesian cities will certainly add a lot of knowledge .

Here there are two types of bus drivers that you can choose . The first is the installer and the second is portable . If portable , you can stay directly just click play . Then if you select the installer , how:

- Download the installer ( exe format ) and crack

- Install the installer to complete

- Copy the file " busdriver " and " launcher " folder that is in the last crack

- Paste in local disk C / Program Files / Bus Driver ( if there is a warning , because the goal weve replace wrote to the file replaces the " busdriver " and " launcher " in order to become full version )

This game I have tried myself and really walk. Please read carefully before instalnnya way.