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Game PC Angry Birds Sphinx

Angry birds sphinx is one angry bird version of the game is very well known. Weve who does not know the game angry bird, small children memorize and understand this funny bird hunting. The core of the game is an attempt to rescue the bird egg eggs were stolen / taken by the naughty pigs. Angry bird is displayed on screen, played with like a pantomime style that does not wear a lot of human speech, but the move was made ​​to understand anyone who watched it. Films like this are currently favored by the audience, as in other films (Shaun the sheep, owl owl, larvae, and other animated films that do not use human language) Angry bird sphinx has been made ​​for various platforms such as Android, java, pc, and other electronics.

Angry birds sphinx This begins with the act of the green pigs who stole the eggs ignorant of the birds, so that they become angry and look for them to attack him. The birds using a slingshot angry bird flew and hit the pigs. Of course, necessary strategies and skills sufficient for regarding them. Each level increases, the difficulty will be increased. In fact, the number of birds which can be worn only a few tail only. However, because the birds have their uniqueness, the ability of those who are very varied, as strong defense of any pig, it will be destroyed as well.

For that reason in playing Angry birds Game sphinx need to know the character of their abilities. If one understand it will most likely lose. Here I will explain the character of the ability of the angry birds and how they should be used.

Red Bird or Mood Braker . angry birds red bird and he is an icon in every game angry birds . Despite being the icon and look very fierce , but he has no special abilities . Use braker mood only to destroy weak defense alone or used directly for pig shooting .

Blue Bird or Glass Jaw . Most small bird with a blue body color is very funny because he can double his body into three parts when it floated in the air . Despite the unique ability , but this bird which I consider the weakest among all birds . But very effective when used to destroy the glass that protects the green pigs .

Black Bird or Kamikaze . Among the angry birds , this is becoming my favorite , because this jet black bird can explode with a blast strong enough . Can we blow our corresponding desire , or explode itself . Actually it could be used to destroy anything , but better used to crush large stones that can not be done by other birds .

Yellow bird or maching Bird . If the yellow turn forward , then it would be nice to use to break through the barrier timber . When suspended in air , the yellow can be accelerated at a very fast pace . And usually I wear this bird to shoot targets that I want. Because it is easier to shoot targets with bird yellow bird . Especially for smashing wood , impenetrable all .

White Bird or Egg Beaters . If I wear this one to aim from above . If the timing is right , this could be like a bird plane that dropped the bomb right underneath it . He can fly and drop eggs down . The eggs can explode like a black bird but smaller explosion .

Green Bird or Parabeak . Like a boomerang weapon is his ability to play the shooting direction . Suited to attack the pigs who are behind .

The big red bird . The shape is similar to the red before, but he was the most powerful bird . Once tuburuk , sei pigs and destroyed all its defense .

Now download Angry birds game for computer or laptop sphinx through this blog . The download link is below