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Game Psx Download Vigilante 8 dan 8 2nd Offense

Game psx download or who are familiar with the ps1 games are played on a PC computer became very famous as the increasing number of programmers to make games ps1 and ps2 games mengconvertnya to a PC computer. Almost all of the games that come from electronic devices such as mobile phones, tendon / video games, xbox, tablets, and other gadgets amended to be executed using a computer. Some are turning to the form of such extensions. BIN,. ISO,. IMG, and the like which will be played with a software called emulators / ePSXe. There is also a portable manifold, staying only a few clicks can directly play. There also are made ​​much like a normal application to be installed on the computer beforehand.

game psx downloadGame psx download which includes portable, although there is little portable but let the game settings can walk. Later I will explain below how to run it. The name of the game is Vigilante 8 and Vigilante 8 2nd Offense. Both are similar but different versions, and it is both the Playstation One game at first. There are many kinds of cars that we can use it later on, and all the strange car, which most of the world's almost no nyata.Senjatanya was complete, ranging from rockets that can lock and opponent car chase, a machine gun, shot bursts fire, mines, and several other weapons. However, from the few guns that I mentioned it, each car has a special weapon that can not be used by other cars, because the weapon was designed specifically to be used by one car.

To be able to run it, you must first download a file named  d3dx9_26.dll (klik Here for  download). The files you will need to put

in Local disk C / windows / system 32. If your windows no such file, then when you are going to play this game Vigilante, there will be a warning as below:


In situ indicated that the file d3dx9_26.dll missing or do not exist. If the file has been our pairs, then the CMD box will appear and the game can run, as shown below:

If the computer that you can not run it, meaning there may be an error with the installation windowsnya or not compatible with your OS.

Vigilante 8 and Vigilante 8 Second Offense rare in my opinion is a good game. Very unfortunate, because the game was no subsequent versions, both PS 1 and PS 2 especially in PS 3. Unlike other games that if the fans a lot, then there will be the latest version that has been updated and modified in such a way that it becomes a cool game endless. You can see footage of Vigilante 8 2nd Offense on the following video:

Keyboard to control the game vigilante in order to play well is by using the following keys:

     key directions: used for asselerasi, also to turn to the right and to the left.
     shift key: used to change weapons that we have
     control (left): for aiming with a weapon that we can
     control (right): a machine gun to shoot the gun without limits
     right and left shift (press together): to eliminate wheel skis, fly wheel, paddle wheel
     Z: selection key, when programming a game
     Enter: the start / pause.