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Free Download Game Winning Eleven 8

Free download game Winning Eleven 8-Game pc download free would not seem complete if there is no Winning Eleven . I think , though already share a lot of various games but negate winning eleven or pro evolution soccer , it means less afdol blog . How can that be? Try it thought , what games are often played by people all over the world ? ranging from lower class to the elite class ? football certainly right . Even the football players also play soccer world . But this particular guy yes , it weird if a girl playing winning eleven , hehehe . Football games are most in demand at lately is winning eleven and PES or Pro Evolution Soccer . Both are showing the game that describes the current state of the game in progress . Winning Eleven is initially PS One games , according winning development now can be encountered in almost all Operating Systems electronic devices , such as PC , android , Symbian , and others . This makes it easy for football fans the opportunity to be able to play . about the same as winning eleven , PES is also very famous in those days now. He made ​​a game show as closely as possible to the original soccer . Evolution name alone , as if this game is the result of the evolution of winning . But winning is always upgraded to provide facilities and renew it to remain a choice by the fandom .

Game pc download free I want to share that this is a winning eleven 8. I choose this because I think it's the lightest. Winning the previous version only heavier than this. Despite winning eleven 8, but can be renewed anyway so even though the old school version but up to date. Excess winning eleven 8 than the other version is speed no doubt, because it includes a light game. Even my netbuk only 1.6 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM wrote can play with without any constraints. Anyway, God willing, if not regret deh play this winning 8. And I also want to share with my friends just updetan that I get. Take a look at the screenshot below, it's roughly where the teams uniforms.

Game pc download free winning 8 equipped with a squad of Super League teams and the Premier League Indonesia as well. I just knew that if anyone share this patch. And I am also grateful to bang Wisnu Buana ( as the author. Usually I wear old patch, and was going to nyari-nyari new patch, eh actually see this. So now can play local teams with winning this 8. More exciting, yes, so do not need to install the latest winning teams get to play in Indonesia.

Winningnya first download via the link below this article later.
     Install as usual.
     Once the game is opened briefly (to be able to update the game to be open though only briefly), and then exit.
     Extract Patch ISL and IPL that you downloaded. (there is also a download link below the article).
     There will be two files KONAMI-WIN32WE8UOPT
     Then copy and paste the 2 files in Local Disk C / Program Files / KONAMI / Winning Eleven 8I/save/folder1.
     If no confirmation whether to direplace or not, then replace the default file wrote let disappear, replaced with a new patch downloaded earlier.
     Done deh, Indonesian team ready to compete in this game.

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the other you can see in the list below. Hopefully I can continue to share with fellow game lovers. Think of it as an expression of silaturrahmi I made my friends there that I do not know. And although only a virtual friend but continues to make friends on the go