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Free Download Game Pc Full Strategi AoE 3

Free download game pc full version Age of Empire III is a strategy game that really requires foresight and speed when playing . In the previous version , Age of Empire is motivated by the presence of the crusade war between Muslims and Christians at the time. Muslim group led by Saladin or his real name Sholahudin al - Ayyubi and the other group was led by Genghis Khan . In Age of Empire III is motivated by the war between Europe and America . Because at that time America was still overshadowed by the nations of Europe and the European wanted to colonize the American population that initially they are also native Europeans who migrated to the Americas for a variety of political reasons . The war was roughly around between 1492 to 1850 . The strategy used in this game is to develop a number of colonies , the more colonies greater the chances of winning this war . In contrast to the Age of Empire II is more complicated , because the AOE II weapons used in the fight is still very simple, because it is at that time still not as sophisticated weaponry - colonial period . No firearms such as pistols , but has been put on the destroyer cannons .

free download game pc full versionFree download game pc full version AoEpreviously in search of food and mining goods still have to put it in storage, so it should be back and forth to be able to collect it . If AOE III does not necessarily need a storage place , if the workers have been looking for food ingredients and stuff then automatically mine already collected and ready to be used to create soldiers , make a house , castle, equip weapons , even the town center . Each party opposing both our own and there are leaders . But even as it is called , though its leader dead but the game still can go continuously. Just as before , the battle could be won if one of the parties have exhausted the number of colonies . For the hurry to act before your opponent to multiply colonies . Of course, it requires skill and strategy game speed attention to the road conditions . If not , might be able to attack enemy colonies sudden and we immediately lost .

free download game pc full version

Every time you play , age / era can be upgraded to IV to V period . Each time the upgrade , it will develop more advanced , both its troops , equipment types , weapons potential , building and downs , and the other , the effect is , it will speed up and strengthen all existing within the expandable colonies . The faster the upgrade era / period, the greater the victory can be achieved . You can do this by looking at the town center . Normally , every time you want to upgrade to be providing or fulfilling certain tasks . Point the cursor on the icon to find out what that must be met in order to upgrade the times . Pokonya , Age of Empire III is more cool than the previous version . Display and serangangan - attack effects are also evident . The vessels used for sea warfare more advanced and sophisticated . There are 3 natural resources should be sought by the worker , ie food ( meat and fruit ) , gold mining , and timber . If AOE II it also need to find all the stones to build the house or castle wall , that this version is not necessary , it is to facilitate every gamer in the play . Actually no password cheat in this game , can nambahin resources ( food , gold , wood ) , could increase the combat vehicles , killing opponents at once , and other frauds that could make the game not fun anymore . So do not be shared passwornya wrote it . Natural enjoying the game with more exciting than cheating .

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