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I Am A Hero Android Game

Free Download Game Android-123 Go!You want to be a hero?Ok buddy let's go to the battle game.To be ahero,that guide imagine be a good fight in the basement of a dingy and full of sunshine arena.You will destroy minister and various strong opponent using your sword.In this game for your android devices you will take part in various battles.Use swords,shields,clubs,axes,and other edged weapons.Each type of weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses.You can choose the unique character of ordinary people for the skeleton or monster.Do a single mission and develop your hero.Winning the battle with other players and improve your rankings.Ok buddy let's to download this game and be a hero,with good fight and more adventures game.

Game Features:
  • There is many different game modes
  • You can choose weapons
  • A mission game that willy absorbs
  • You can fight with other players