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Game PC Samurai Warrior 4-II

This is adventure games fun and exciting fighting game is the game hack and slash released by KOEI last September.The gameplay of this game is similar to games hack and Slash KOEI others,such as Dynasty Warriors and One Piece Pirate Warriors.In the game Samurai Warriors 4-II,you can play a battle to fight and kill the enemy as much as possible,even down to his thousands people.There is much more enemy will face more it will add more challenge.

With combat a wide range of capabilities they have to be allows you to be more careful in fighting.Ok buddy,Samurai Warriors 4-II will share this has included DLC details,such as character costumes,weapon,and more.Download this game immediately and start fighting with all abilities.

System Requirement:

-OS:Windows Vista,7,8,8.1,10
-Processor:Core 2 Duo
-HDD: 11Gb
-VGA :gEFORCE 6600