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Game Cooking Chef Archipelago

Koki Nusantara
Chef cooking games Nusantara not want to lose the cooking games overseas , as I have shared before. Indonesia is a rich country , many tribes , many cultures , many languages ​​, and of course his trademark dishes are also very much . One of them is the most delicious cuisines in the world according to the survey , the rendang .

In addition to rendang , there is also the famous Indonesian cuisine throughout the country , such as satay , soup , fried rice , and still buanyak again . In this way, we have to be proud as an Indonesian who has many popular types of cuisine up in a foreign country . Then the question ? Can you make it ? Must be able to cook ya .. To add insight as well as a means of refreshing wrote , this is no game chef archipelago , which certainly makes entertainment for you all.

Although it can not represent the whole , but with this game you will know how little Indonesian cuisine was made . For example, how to make rendang typical of the island of Sumatra . It will be the first you meet on the level . Explore your cooking knowledge here . Previous game : angry birds star wars .