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Game Fuel Drag Racing Full PC ISO

Top Fuel Drag Racing
Have you ever seen a racing car equipped with power jet ? the name of the race was the Top Fuel Drag . The contestants cruised by driving a specially designed car , car parts made ​​rather slender snout and small . The arena is just a straight road , however , it is not uncommon that a jet car lost control and crashed into the barrier until eventually explode .

Top Fuel Drag indeed one of the racing sport that is very dangerous . Not infrequently the car suffered a great fire as the jet material is highly flammable . As the car drove , the front lifted up because so fast . The shape is almost like a formula one car , but the design is more pointed again .

On this occasion , the Top Fuel Drag Racing is present in a PC game and will challenge your guts . Mahirkah how you play this super fast car . As with any other racing game , Hot Pursuit and Underground , after reaching the victory you will earn money that can later be used to buy a few extra on the car .