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game Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge

Free download game Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge a type of racing game released parties THQ . Precisely , launching Tuesday , 09-11-2004 . We know all that hot wheels included in the game acrobatic category , in which they put forward their prowess by performing spectacular actions for overcoming all kinds of obstacles and hurdles . Almost all kinds of hot wheels like that , including the Stunt Track Challenge. In addition to passing these obstacles , the car must remain at high speed in order to arrive at the finish line and win the game . Not only is the race that we can get in this game , there is also a mini- game mode that contains small missions that we can choose . But if we choose also not a problem because fashion is just fashion Bonusan mini games that have nothing to do with the core game . Actually , we are also able to run the game in online mode , we can compete with other drivers over the internet . However , for now I do not know if the GameSpy still provide online service or not .

Free download game At the top of the track there will be a lot of brown box in which there is a wide variety of weapons that can be used. If lucky, can get lightning to target the enemy from a distance. Missiles that can also shoot with the right opponent. The bomb that can be thrown forward or TNT bomb attached as mine. Controlling time can make all the opponents slow down. A double shield, which can be used for protection from enemy fire and also can be used to shoot the enemy. Also included as an addition to the vehicle speed jet, the jet will be moving very fast car for a while. And other weapons are certainly very exciting. Actually, we can strengthen the weapons before, the way is to collect 10 pieces scattered in the arena, both inside the box and scattered in the streets. If you've collected 10 pieces, the weapons that we can be stronger.

In order to enjoy the play, there are some minimum spec to be met in the PC computer comrades.

     We use the Operating System Windows only, both XP, Vista, and Seven.
     Random Access Memory or RAM minimum 1 GB.
     Minimum processor using the Intel Pentium 4 processor with 2.6 GHz capacity. If you can on it.
     Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
     DirectX: 9.0c
     The video memory of 128 MB
     Because this is a PC game, obviously we need a keyboard and mouse.

Now please download the game via the download link below. And do not forget to use the password to open the application.