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Megaman X8 Full RIP

Megaman X8 Full RIPDownload Megaman X8 Full Game RIP - For the umpteen time free download free games provide information and share experiences on the gaming world. And on this occasion, I will give another free PC games, namely Megaman X8. The first time I knew this game was in PS, if you've never know for sure would be easier for his friends to get to know this game. In Japan there, Mega Man ​​X8 is also called Rockman X8 which was originally a result of the development game company Capcom. Judging from the name of the game, Mega Man ​​X8 was developed to series-8 because, of course, much in demand by young people. For the English version, was launched on the 7th day of December of the year 2004 and in the U.S. of course. This story is a game in pursuit of the kidnappers who had stolen a reploid.

Rescuers are trying to save reploid with top leaders named Megaman X. Because this game genre adventure / adventure , then you must complete the mission given mission with a few different places . As well as games in general game , defeat all enemies , especially its leaders in order to get new characters and new equipment to deal with the next mission . And so on until completing the last mission . It should be noted also , the minimum recommended computer PC is as follows:

- Processor : Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz with a capacity of

- Memory 1 GB free hard drive

- At least 256 MB of RAM memory

- DirectX : 8.1

- VGA 128 MB

Furthermore, how to install games on a computer Megaman X8 ? :

- Download both filnya ( Part 1 and Part 2 )

- Place both in a single folder .

- Extract Part 1 only .

- Install file " Setup.bat " to complete.

- Now run the file " RockmanX8.exe "

- The game is successfully installed and ready to play .

Megaman X8 Full RIP
Game Megaman X8
Game Megaman X8