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Adventure Game Anka

Download Game Adventure Anka - The game is relying on the instinct of a detective . Anka is a child who is looking for somewhere to go where her mother . You as Anka assigned to look for traces of the missing mother's whereabouts . Lots of puzzles that you must solve here . For example, when helping people fainted . There will be a miraculous equipment that should you choose to wake him from fainting . Socks that smell is the right choice . Then the person asks you to repair a perforated vessel boat . By wearing a cloth patch and honey you can fix it . But be careful , because the honey bee is ready to attack if you take honey . Once you are able to help her and feed , you will continue to the next adventure . Becoming a detective for the howl of a mother who was locked . Anka look for traces of suspicious and tried to prove that his mother did not make a mistake .

Your adventure will be a long journey and palign not , you have to pass through 20 stages to reach the final stage . Each of the stages that you have to find and reveal anything that should be shown or disclosed . There is some dialogue between the players and Anka who can make the game feel more alive and fun for sure