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Air Strike 3D Full Version Free

Who is not familiar with the game Air Strike? This is a very famous game is one of the many popular gaming house because it looks good besides the 3 dimensions, the flow of the game is also very exciting. Can be played by two people at once by using the keyboard. You can choose a character you like helicopters. Its main mission is to destroy the enemy swarms consisting of a wide variety of aircraft, warships, and also the army that are all armed with complete. Air Strike 3D is a development of the earlier versions of Air Strike version. Either way, by using a 3D display, the game becomes more fun and interesting.

Air Strike 3D
There are stages that must be passed missions, ranging from the easiest to the mission of the most difficult missions. When playing, collect various types of weapons, ranging from missiles that can target enemies automatically, missiles destroyed a great power, until the endless ammunition to the type of attack different. The enemy will continue to shoot with no mercy, so it must be very clever to avoid all attacks, especially unmanned aircraft that can be directly rammed, because it has enormous power damage. In addition to collecting and upgrading weapons, there are also items to add to the power of life and also for protection / shield.

Look at the screen shot of how much fun this game.

Air Strike 3D
Air Strike 3D

Here are some cheat codes that you can use while playing. But, if you like playing on better wear ya better not cheat. Type on the keyboard when you're playing it.

     iwannabe = mode "God"
     endisnear = full lives
     armorychamer = full of weapons
     launchmenow = full missile
     iamstronger = full strength
     steelbirds = all characters heli
     blindwarrior = all levels
     messwiththebest = mission complete
     dieliketherest = Game Over
     givemecredit = Show Credits

Each mission is usually a different ammunition. There were as usual white shots, bursts of fire, missiles, disk-shaped shot even if exposed to the enemy, will bounce and increasing numbers of shots cakramnya.