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Game Android Defender 2

Download game defender 2 including in-game using android platform. For that game defender 2 APK extension. After some time ago to share about android game death worm and wings and pirate fans turned out quite a lot, for it was on this occasion I try to share more android games are quite popular as well. Defender 2 games similar to plants vs zombies game, we were assigned to guard the castle from the enemy attacks. With a primary weapon arrows, archery and used to finish off the monsters want to destroy the monsters who try royal stronghold. Since we are on duty as a guard bastion that this game called defender.

defender 2Game defender 2 it sounds simple . However , if you 've seen the play itself and definitely interested . Judging from the looks alone game defender 2 has a classy graphics , great sound track when heard , and the way the game is very interesting , unique characters and grim will color the course of the game . The size is not too large , so that the game can be played with 2 defenders without waiting for loading long . Even my android phone is its OS version only Andoroid ice cream sandwiches have been able to play it smoothly without any interference whatsoever.

To begin , we'll be asked to type in the name first before playing . There will be two modes of play , ie local and battle . But the battle mode must be connected to the Internet . Therefore, if you want to play a regular select local mode only. Without any actual tutorial we already know how to memainkkanya . Simply by targeting monsters monsters that came in turns . Small blue -bodied monster will start attacking the castle , and then turn red monster big man whose way is very fast compared to other monsters . Each level gained , the monsters will be coming more and more and his character continues to grow . If you only use the default weapon from scratch , would not be able to destroy them all . To that end , all equipment must be upgraded continuously

defender 2
defender 2

Download game defender 2 | In general , equipment that can be upgraded is the strength and agility , where research , city wall , and the phantom . Upgrading strength can increase the power of the weapons used were destroyed . Upgrading agility can increase the tempo or speed of rapid fire shots . Upgrade where research can unlock special weapons and add strength , in whom the fire ball ( like a fire bomb that can destroy multiple enemies at once in one shot ) , glacial spike ( can freeze some enemies and reducing their lives ) , and the lighting strike ( lightning strikes to give effect to stun and kill the enemy ) . City wall is a device that provides additional defense to the fort , this would be very helpful sat facing the monster . And the last phantom , various types of weapons that can be upgraded into a major weapon here , each type of weapon has its own advantages , my advice is the best weapon upgrades alone .

In order to continue playing until the end , upgrading gradually and evenly on some equipment . Do not upgrade the equipment that's it for example only stregth upgraded its course , this will certainly be worth it as I've ever experienced . So , to understand his character , recently upgraded some equipment gradually and evenly . Well that's just a little review about the game defender 2 . And please directly download the game via the link below . Thank you .