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Game Cake Shop 2 For PC/Laptop

Cooking games are still much sought after and desired by many. Why yes, even the guys was on mainin this game. Perhaps because a little challenging, so they like this type of game. To that end, the game dishes not only for the girls but all gamers, both young and old, adult children, all of them can play. On the last occasion that I have shared some cooking games, one of which is that can be downloaded, you can read more in Cookery Can Downloaded Games, and now I want to add another game similar like that. A cooking game that can be downloaded, installed on a PC computer, and we are pleased we can play anytime and anywhere.

game masak memasakCooking game which is also very well known, his name is Cake Shop 2. Certainly never seen or just heard right? if not ever so already. comrades try once wrote, enjoy how it feels to serve a lot of customers who buy our cakes. In the game, we play as a waiter and presenter cake in a small restaurant with a long table and some chairs like the restaurants models Westerners. Is it just cakes are served? no, there are several kinds of ice cream, such as chocolate ice cream, milk ice cream, and some other types of ice cream. Then drink also vary, for example, hot coffee or chocolate. Ice cream and beverages has been provided in several large containers, we only stayed open a faucet to retrieve it.

game masak memasak

Cooking game Cake Shop 2 size is quite small , ie, 42.74 MB , very lightly at all . While playing cake shop , we are offered an easier game levels used to adjust the course of the game . If you have at some stage , will pretty much drain the mind and energy because we have to be quick in completing the task . In a nutshell , the course of a game like this , there will be customers who will buy a few orders to you . In his mind , it would seem the picture he was thinking and that's the image that you have to prepare him . For the cake , you will prepare the cake layers such that the result is exactly what the customer message . Drinks and ice cream , too, glass and container also must to order . After a successful booking you make , you can instantly give or meletakknya briefly on the table . Do not make customers wait a long time , because if it is too long , the customer will not be impatient , angry , and even go . If the order wrong will also reduce your point . You can discard any arrangement cake into bins provided.

Cooking game Cake Shop 2 way the game using only the mouse. My advice, use a regular mouse is good when worn. If you use the touchpad a bit more difficult, because we play with speed. That's my little review of how to play the game. Please you just download the game via the link below. The download link will lead to, there will be a link download the actual game, which is at indowebster. Read carefully how to download it. How to install it was pretty easy, just like installing other applications. So first yes, hope can help fellow gamers