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Download Free Pc Game CS CZ Elite Soldiers

Download free pc game counter strike condition zero is one of several types of game version CS ( Counter Strike ) and a PC computer games . In addition to condition zero , there is also a counter strike source , counter strike global offensive , counter strike online , counter strike extreme , counter strike point blank . Many also so wide -ranged . At the time counter strike launched by Sierra Entertainment , when he joined Team Fortress Classic , Opposing Force multiplayer , and the Wanted , Half - Life . And on the Planet Half-Life melaunchingnya on 24th March 1999 . Start the game then that is growing by tens of thousands of hits to the millions who indicate the number of people who love this game . Counter Strike first output is rather simple but the effects are already cool game . And this is one of the condition of zero investment results . Resistance between the elite terrorist -fighting with terrorist forces exhibited in this game . We can choose to be a terrorist or terrorist exterminator . If you become a terrorist , then your job is to put the bomb in places that have been set up the bomb exploded , and do not let the army defused the bomb . If that happens , then we will lose as a terrorist . Or if you can kill all the soldiers , and you can also win .

download game pc gratisThere is good if we play as a soldier with completing ongoing missions . Each mission is complete , we will move to the next stage with a new combat arena . At the initial stage , we will fight against the terrorists in the arena called Dust , this place I think is most easily compared to other places . We are only allowed to bring a maximum of two personnel friends , because this is the beginning and the enemy forces are still little . If later we reached the top of the stage , friends and our opponents will also increase. Each mission is no different tasks . For example, should kill the enemy , have to kill 3 enemies with a sniper riffle , rescuing a hostage , must win the game on a maximum of 3 minutes , should be able to defuse the bomb , and much more . It also depends on the level you choose what type of game , whether easy , medium , hard , or very hard . Clearly , the general task is to tame the army of terrorist buster bombs and rescue the hostages . If you accidentally kill the hostage then you points will be reduced , either when you become a terrorist and when to be a soldier .

download game pc gratis
download game pc gratis

Download game pc free | Among the missions of the most I like is when ordered to kill terrorists with a sniper weapon. Know sniper right? Jita shooter with a long range weapon on target. Usually I use is the Magnum Sniper Riffle. With all dead aim at the enemy directly in place, although it was only about the feet or hands. But the drawback is the speed to make the next shot is very slow, because of the need to set up ammunition sniper later shot. If that is not possible, for example, the number who want to target it too much, then use the other sniper weapons, I forget his name, pokonya still one package at Riffles weapon. With that weapon you can shoot up to 30 shots without pause as setting automatic weapon already. But to kill the enemy to shoot 2-3 shots.

Free Download game pc | If you die or get shot blast hit while playing, then you'll just be a spectator. Seeing your comrades to fend for themselves to continue the mission even though the commander had been killed. There is a little trick ya from me, if you do not want to wait for it to finish, you can speed it up. Press the "Esc" on the keyboard and then type "bot_kill" without quotes, then press enter. Then all the players both enemies and friends would die and battle your friend is finished. If the bomb is already installed then your team lost but if the bomb is not yet installed then your team wins. And that mission is to rescue the hostages then you definitely winning team, although not one that hostages were rescued. Yes already, please download counter strike condition zero through the link below.

Download Counter Strike Condition Zero