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Free Download Game Battle : Los Angeles

Download Game Battle : Los Angeles-War game that the game is not inferior to another war game,one works the best for a game.Game that is supported by a high level of design and results of image that looks real and thrilling,amazing sound effects,and an adventure game battle which tells of a journey long and full of challenges.Well buddy,this time you will be an adventure with a very experinces game.Yuo will action role as a commander of a special forces assigned to save the city of Los Angeles from the alien who was attact the city and make destruction in every were.

Save the civilians still a live.Los Angeles has been in master an alien group,they kill all humans alive and destroy all the facillities available in the city.Currently the city of Los Angeles experienced a very severe destruction as a resuilt of attacts by aliens,they will control the city Los Angeles by setting up a central control room and paralyze all the soldiers who will attacts them.And that for you are a very experienced soldier assigned to take over the city of Los Angeles and rescue those still alive.And your mission in this time you only have 3 hours before the site was destroyed by American troops.

Use all available weapons,leading your troops to attact the headquarters command center aliens,shoot all the aliens with the right and faster.You must be careful because the aliens have the skill level is great enough and do not dally!The machine guns,bazooka,pistols,grenade,and more various weapons you can uses.Ok buddy let's start the attact and save civilians,troops brought back with safe.Download immediately play the game Battle Los Angeles Free!