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Turtix PC Game Download Full Free

Game Turtix that poor-so many dangers that lay ahead! He broke a magic talisman and all his comrades were sentenced turtles. He had to help them if they are in trouble. They are imprisoned by cruel monsters that roam around the island. Turtix must be very careful not to be caught or injured. Little turtle began to brave the journey to free his friend. First you choose the mode and level of skill because there are quite a lot of difficulty for beginners. Then you choose the mini-games they really exist much. Turtles are a great traveler! He was never afraid of new places you want to join him? Then see what route her! He went from Asia Island right into the middle of the forest. There he had to fight, jump and move very quickly! Then come to Egypt Island is very beautiful and dangerous at the same time. Turtix never fear. During the trip you can collect gems and other magical objects. But be careful, you have to overcome very quickly or the monster will hurt you. North Pole and the Greek Islands are two of the latter, so Turtix will complete adventures soon. Help the turtle to go through all the dangers and compete with the monsters threatening. There are different kinds of gifts, and do not forget about the security of your limited life. This game is a thrilling adventure for special agents! Download immediately and enjoy the quest together. He will not let you get bored! With turtles funny and skilled no mission impossible!.

Free Download Game Turtix Full Version For PC/Laptop Have Features:
  • Simple rules, simple control
  • 3 different modes
  • Endless game
  • funny characters
  • Incredible adventure
  • Absolutely FREE

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PC Game Turtix Minimum System requirements
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Processor 600 Mhz or better
128 Mb RAM