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Game Crash Team Racing -CTR

Download game crash team racing or often in short CTR is a racing game which was originally a game PS 1 . With some modifications eventually crash team racing can be opened on a PC computer . CTR classified as games are quite unique and challenging . Unlike the usual kayak racing game , characters are used in crash team racing funny and unique - unique . The main store named Crash Bandicoot ferret or small wolf orange , used vehicles have better acceleration and handling fairly and reasonably stable . Then there is Coco Bandicoot , Crash Bandicoot brother who is good with computers . In addition there is Dr . N. Gin , Pura ( small animal pet cat Coco Bandicoot ) , Polar ( animal pole ) , Tiny Tiger ( little tiger ) , Dingodile ( similar to a crocodile ) . The characters that was the default character that can be used at any time and abilities of their vehicles quite standard . If you want to get a new character and ability above the average , then mainkankanlah adventure mode .

crash team racing, ctr
The path of the racing tracks made ​​with various types of traps or challenge is sometimes enough to make trouble for riders. If not careful, then the rider will often fall into the abyss, was hit by a train transporting coal, sea dog got hit, fell in the river, hit by a giant fireball, and other obstacles that are very unique and challenging. However, in the track, there will be a lot of advantages that we can use. For example, the trajectory acceleration that can accelerate the car, the color green and marked with an arrow speeding. When the wheel managed to touch it, then the speed will directly increase rapidly for some time and will be back to normal as usual after a few seconds.

crash team racing, ctr

crash team racing, ctr

At the top of the track there will be a lot of brown box in which there is a wide variety of weapons that can be used. If lucky, can get lightning to target the enemy from a distance. Missiles that can also shoot with the right opponent. The bomb that can be thrown forward or TNT bomb attached as mine. Controlling time can make all the opponents slow down. A double shield, which can be used for protection from enemy fire and also can be used to shoot the enemy. Also included as an addition to the vehicle speed jet, the jet will be moving very fast car for a while. And other weapons are certainly very exciting. Actually, we can strengthen the weapons before, the way is to collect 10 pieces scattered in the arena, both inside the box and scattered in the streets. If you've collected 10 pieces, the weapons that we can be stronger.

Download game crash team racing This comes from indowebster link. The download easier and more reliable. For those who want to play adventure mode and want to save it in order to proceed, do as follows:

     enable application notepad => file => save as
     then change. txt to All Files continue to give the name
     Keep in a safe place, because this file will be used again.
     Open CTR => Archivo => configuracion => Tarjetas memory, then click ... in the first box, then locate the file named saved earlier. Click open.
     then try to save it, for sure will be out the words "There is no memory card" on the joystick to press O FORMAT. (If you use the keyboard, use the same function with the joystick)
     Typically, the O key on the keyboard is "S". If it is, then it will show up four slots for storing.
     then press X on the keyboard to select new adventure and select a place to keep it. (tutorial source: