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Dragon Ball GT - Final Bout (Jurus n Triknya)

Game dragon ball GT - final bout become one of the popular games on the files in the category indowebster. From there I took the initiative to share the dragon ball game in this post. In addition, once the game Dragon Ball GT - Final Bout also includes my favorite game while still playing playstation one at the time. If nyari rental PS 1 I think it's rather difficult to yes, because it had not the time. So this game is played mending laptop or computer use only. After all, could use a joystick as well as PS. If you have a joystick kagak yes just use the keyboard, but my advice but use the joystick moves a bit difficult because most if not wearing joystick issued.

dragon ball gt - final bout
Although classified as type 1 PS games , but I rate kalai this game is very good , control , effects , and the way the game has been very professional . Just like in the movie dragon ball , almost all the characters , especially the characters of Son Goku comrades here all . Even some fashion such as fashion Goku still can not do the super seiya , seiya 2 super mode , super seiya 4 , and fushion there on the game character . Issued moves well adapted to asilnya movie . However , the step that is rarely used by players is a meteor moves , ie moves fast attack physical fights . Many may not know this moment . Even if the idea was rather difficult to remove it because they have to deal with the enemy at close range . Later game techniques I describe below .

There are two things to note when playing , the player 's life and power . Each perform tricks ( besides the physical stance ) power will be reduced . If it gets depleted , it will not move at all . Therefore, if the power is reduced , the direct content / increase in full or in part by pressing the " box " and " X " simultaneously . Kick remotely like Kamehame be deflected or competed directly with its own stance . Thus, both moves directly clashing , until eventually one player will lose .
dragon ball gt final bout
dragon ball gt final bout

In general, removing a step-jurusnya like this:

     down + back + forward + triangle / down + forward + back + triangle (general stance).
     down + back + next + top + triangle (general stance the second option).
     box + triangle + O simultaneously and continuously (Adu moves when your opponent attacks).
     + O at the same box (menagkis opponent moves).
     box + X held down simultaneously (add power).
      front + back + down + over + triangle (genkidama stance which has only Songoku without super seiya).
     L1 / R1 (suspended in air).
     R2 then triangle + box / triangle + O push-push treus (Meteor attacks physical fights, and future directions are also held down)

Download game Dragon Ball GT - Final bout via indowebster link below. And do not forget to wear the PS 1 emulator to run.