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Game Dino Crisis 2 PC/Laptop

Download game gratis Dino Crisis 2 is an adventure game published by Microsoft and the PlayStation. But then released by Capcom. This game illustrates how a large city into a place that is very similar to the days when dinosaurs were alive, this may be caused by a large anomaly that could lead to such changes. The city was named Edward City, a character named Regina specifically given orders to resolve the situation in the city. Together with temansekutunya is Dylan Morton jointly adventure and spectacular action game Dino Crisis 2 on this.

dino crisis 2With the camera angle on the game screen which is quite proportionate and fit, making the adventure more exciting and fun. Region or area is very spacious and open, making us as if it is actually a very creepy neighborhood, because we have awaited dozens maybe even hundreds of ferocious dinosaurs that anyone who preys day dare to approach his territory. For that, you have to quickly eradicate the dino mercilessly. However, when the dino killing it, you need to be careful so as not to damage the surrounding, because it will reduce the points. Points in the form of currency that will be the point that you can buy some items that are needed.

Download game gratis Dino Crisis 2 | When playing , there will be some kind of stations in which there is a computer to store and load the game . With it , you can also use the points that you collect to buy new weaponry , renew , buy ammunition destruction of a great power , and also can be used for treatment . While playing , it will definitely get some attacks that can not be avoided , for it , buy some health package is very necessary for the health or blood recovered as before . Weapons are used when playing major gasris two guns , the main weapon and sub ​​- weapon or weapon side . Utamalah weapons are often used , among other weapons : a shotgun, flame tools , and other weapons . Then the sub - weaponnya weapon consists of a knife used to cut the plants that meghalang - blocking nets , while also there is a firewall that can make a wall of fire while the monsters attack .

When playing , you will bergonta players between Regina and Dylan Morton . Both have different weapons . regina can use weapons that can not be used by Diyan , and vice versa

dino crisis 2

dino crisis 2

If you've completed the main game, you'll be able to play on an unlockable mode in which the crisis called Extras. There are 2 game modes, namely "Dino Colosseum" and "Dino Duel". Dino Colosseum mode is often known as survival mode, killing the dinosaurs and large more harm than usual. There you will be tested on how much you can survive in a scary situation. If you can menyelesikan the mission, you will get the trophy later depending on how far your skills to survive.

For how free download game  Dino Crisis 2, You can click the download link below. Link indowebser it came from, so you can instantly download the full. In addition, to play it, you need an emulator for this game berekstendi. ISO. Please read and downloaded first emulator PS1