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Game Pc Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact

Game pc naruto shipuden more and more people hunted . One is Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact . This game really kueereeen anyway , especially for those who like the same movies naruto . I explain a little about Naruto games , then agan can see for yourself the video flashes let me add clear how and what this Naruto game . If agan never played a game like price of persia pc game naruto it 's almost like it . You could say this is a mix between an adventure game and duel . Fight against ninja enemies very much for completing certain missions . Each character has a unique character - unique and missions as well as in the naruto shippuden movie . Still remember the fight between Naruto Sakura VS Kakashi ? Both are fighting for the two small bells carried by Kakashi . And if you win against Kakashi then the bell was taken . Then when Naruto against Kakuzu , one of the Akatsuki members who have 5 lives ( elements of fire , water , wind , soil , and lightning ) and eventually died with attacks Kakuzu Futon Rashen shuriken Naruto. Indeed this game as much as possible equated with comic / original film.

game pc naruto, ultimate ninta impact
Game pc naruto shipuden has a lot of character and characters that we can play. For instance Sasuke to attack its flagship "Chidori Sharp Spear", with moves that Sasuke can eradicate multiple enemies at once with chidori distance along the 50 meters form the lightning sword. Then the hermit Jiraiya flirty, with hair like a porcupine that he can attack the opponent like Pain memanjangkannnya. And with Naruto's jutsu like hers, which rashengan, although not as perfect as belonging to Naruto but it was enough to defeat his opponents in battle. Kakashi also has a lightning jutsu like Sasuke, but slightly different, he wears one Raikiri jutsu Raiton type. But the most powerful Raiton is owned Raikage Raiton from lightning country. In that game, Sasuke also fight against the Mizukage, Kage one that has 3 elements at once. If we talk about Naruto pokonya not endless, and I'm sure his friends are also already widely known.

game pc naruto, ultimate ninta impact
Game pc naruto The later is installed into the pc agan . So try the specifics must tolerable rather big yes . In particular I do not know how many processors or RAMnya minimum size that must be met . I myself have tried on intel atom processor 1.6 GHz and 1GB of RAM was very slow at all . Could play anyway , but ngendat - ngendat . I continued to try on the Intel Core I7 , gan very smoothly . And this I would also try on Core i5 , hopefully be smooth . Links and tutorials I share this I have proved its accuracy . You just look at the video below to see in detail how to install it properly . Broadly speaking, the steps are as follows :

    Download the files , there will be 4 files would you download , winrar format . Extract one of them wrote , later everything is automatically installed .
    Login earlier extracted folder , select == > DATA SET == > DOCS .
    You click / install file named java.exe , SonicStage , and XUGGLE.exe . When installing these files , you must terkonenksi with the internet , because when you install will download some files .
    After three installed , now you install the file Naruto Shippuden . Exe . to complete.
    Naruto the way the game click on the icon that is on the desktop. The icon was not removed yes . I myself do not know what should be open if for example the icon was removed . I'm looking at the results instalannya on Local Disk C not there . So I copy the icon in the folder instalannya . If anyone knows , please corrected yes .


For those who can not fit at the Sonic Stage inside the folder, there is usually a warning: "Data was retrieved from Unable to be theserver". please try download Sonic Stage 4.3


Pc games naruto shipuden above are highly dependent on each PC. I had also installed on my friend's laptop, with a 1.7 GHz processor NVIDIA's old school, the results are passable. Not too slow, but not too fast.